Leather Installation Process

All of our installations are made to factory spec. “THESE ARE NOT SEAT COVERS”.


All interiors must be removed by our professional team prior to installing your new custom interior. 


Due to wear and tear throughout the years some customer vehicles arrive with flaky cushioning and/or foam that has been smashed and beat up so much that it no longer retains its true shape. We take care of filling that in, and re-shaping it prior to the new install. 


Benefits: Easy to clean, value of the vehicle goes up, keeps bad odors and pet dander outside of the material, New Car Smell, and comes with a 3 Year warranty against all leather imperfections from the material itself.



Process of Ordering


We don’t like to make mistakes when making your custom seat orders, this is why we always need to see the vehicle in person. Many vehicles have different interiors even though they may be the same year and model; most people don’t realize that. 


Upon arrival to our location, We enjoy walking you through our giant facility, and see exactly where you’re getting your work done. We take a lot of pride in our work, and are always looking to do better. Your input is always very important to us. We will also walk you through our installation process. 


Once you have come in and experienced what we are all about, We proceed with the design you want, and start the building process. Takes approximately 3-4 business days for your order to be done. The good thing is you’re still driving your car until the leather is ready. 


Once the leather is ready, we call you and schedule an install date that works best for you.



Install Date


Always recommend leaving the vehicle the night before your Install date. All vehicles must be dropped off before 9:00 am on the day of install. Any vehicle not received during those times will need to re-schedule. We have a lot of installs daily, and its an all day process; please be aware of that. 


Many people think you slip some covers on and that's it. Our process is to remove all seats out of the car, remove all door panels if the vehicle has cloth on them, remove center consoles to be able to remove the front seats, some get re-upholstered as well, then we remove the old upholstery. We always re-cushion certain sections before applying the leather, re upholstered the headrests, and then put everything back in. 


DANGER/CAUTION: This is not a do it yourself project. You could trigger air bag lights to go on or worse- you could set off an airbag and cause bodily injury to yourself or others, not to mention it could cost thousands of dollars in repairs. Let our AR Customs professionals do it right. 


Note - There are not some cheap seat covers that you can find online, but beware: Vehicles have side air bags and by putting cheap covers, you and your family run the risk of those airbags never deploying, as they are not safety crash tested. Seat covers do not add value, and can be very dangerous- even fatal.


**Important Disclosures**

As a Retail Business in the State of California, we are required to collect Tax on every transaction. This is not a hidden fee but a mandated charge, please do not ask to have taxes waived, “no exceptions will be made”.